Stacy McAnulty Interview and GIVEAWAY!

Hey Stacy! Thanks for joining me here to talk about all you have in store!

Absolutely. Let’s do this.

Tell us a little bit about your new book, Mr. Fuzzbuster Knows He’s The Favorite.

Mr. Fuzzbuster was Lily’s first pet. It’s always been Lily and Fuzzbuster, Fuzzbuster and Lily. But now, there are new pets in the house, and they all think they’re Lily’s favorite. Fuzzbuster wants Lily to decide once and for all. Who is the favorite?


What inspired you to do this book?

My mom and my brother. I’ve always been my mom’s favorite, even if she’s never actually said, “Stacy you are my favorite.” I just know it to be true. My brother probably disagrees. When we were younger, we used to torment my mom, begging her to declare one of us the favorite. She would joke and say to me, “You are my favorite… (insert looooooong pause) daughter.” And of course, she’d say to my brother, “You are my favorite… son.”

Have you always been into writing?

Yes and no. I loved writing in 4th, 6th, 11th, and 12th grade. But I’ve always struggled with the basics of writing like spelling, grammar, and typing. That’s right. I’m admitting it here to you. I can’t type. So if I had English teachers who appreciated creativity, I was in heaven. If the class centered on sentence structure and spelling, I suffered through. I was naturally better at math, though writing has always been in my first love. To keep with the theme, I guess I should say, writing is my FAVORITE.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Selling a new manuscript is the heart-pounding, jump-up-and-down, all-7’s-on-the-slot-machine exciting part. What author doesn’t love to hear, “We want to publish your book!” And this doesn’t happen all that often. I get at least ten no’s to every yes. And some manuscripts never get a yes. The sale is the most exciting part, but it’s not necessarily my favorite part. (It’s in the top three.) I also love that moment when a story comes together. Whether it’s finally nailing the ending or rewriting the beginning. That’s an incredibly satisfying feeling. I also love when a reader connects with one of my books. Positive reviews are nice. Stars are great. But when a kid says “This is my favorite book,” or when they send you a letter begging for a sequel, my heart melts.

What inspires your creativity?

  1. My kids.
  2. A general curiosity about life.

First, having kids has given me a new perspective on the world. Children see things differently and think all things are possible. Blow a big bubble, maybe I can fly. Kids imagine and believe.

Second, I think I’m a naturally curious person. I want to learn how the brain works. I want to know if dinosaurs had feathers. I want to try all the hot sauces at the taco bar. Curiosity leads to creativity in all things—writing, engineering, science, cooking, EVERYTHING.

What is one thing that readers don’t know about you, that only you could tell us?

When I visit bookstores, I like to rearrange shelves. I’ll move one of my books or one of my friends’ books to a more prime location. Don’t tell the store owners. This is our little secret. (Also, I always buy a book—or three—when I go to a bookstore. I think it’s good karma. And I LOVE books.)

If you weren’t writing books, what do you think you’d be doing?

I used to be a mechanical engineer. I designed first class airline seats. Engineering, like writing, calls for creativity. I would consider returning to engineering. Maybe I could work for Pampered Chef or OXO. I’d love to design kitchen gadgets. Other careers I’d consider: middle school science teacher, a writer for a late-night TV show, a neurologist (seriously, we know so little about the brain), a dog trainer, a paleontologist, or a bookstore owner. Life is too short, isn’t it?

Is 2017 as busy of a year for you as 2016 was?

I had six books hit shelves last year. This year, I only have five. I’m slowing down in my old age. I’m also working on my books that publish in 2018, including my first novel. Lots going on behind the scenes. I’m fortunate to be doing what I love.

What can readers expect from you in the future?

Well, I just got a puppy in January, so I imagine a puppy book will be forthcoming.

More concretely, I have three chapter books in the Goldie Blox series coming out in 2017 (two in May and one in September). And a picture book titled Brave, illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, will be available in October.



Anything else you’d like to share with readers of this blog?

I think the world would be a better place if we all could…

* Read More Books

* Adopt a Dog or Two

* Volunteer for a Cause

* And Eat Doughnuts Every Friday with Someone Special

Maybe not the secret of life, but these activities can bring joy and grow our hearts.

Also, did you know Mr. Fuzzbuster loves writing notes? He wants to send cards to young readers across the country. Maybe he will be your favorite.

More information can be found at


STACY MCANULTY is certain she’s her mom’s favorite. Her younger brother disagrees. She’s the author of Beautiful, illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff; Excellent Ed, illustrated by Julia Sarcone-Roach; and 101 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking a Bath, illustrated by Joy Ang. Originally from upstate New York, she now lives in Kernersville, North Carolina, with her three children, two dogs, and one husband. She doesn’t have a favorite. You can find her online at

EDWARD HEMINGWAY is certain he’s Stacy McAnulty’s favorite illustrator, although the illustrators of Stacy’s other books may disagree. Edward himself is the author and illustrator of the children’s books Bump in the Night, Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship, Bad Apple’s Perfect Day, and Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus. Originally from Bozeman, Montana, he now lives in Brooklyn where he teaches creative writing at the master’s level at SVA in Manhattan. If he has any favorite students, he’ll never tell. Learn more about him online at


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4 thoughts on “Stacy McAnulty Interview and GIVEAWAY!

  1. Loved every word of this Stacy! I’m with you, I always buy a book or three when I’m in a bookstore too. Congrats on all your success!

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