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Cover Reveal: SANTA BABY by Jonathan Stutzman and Heather Fox

Hold it, stop right there. Did you hear Eartha Kitt’s voice begin singing Santa Baby…. when you saw the title of this post? If you didn’t, you did now… And you can get rid of that little ear worm because I’ve got something else I need you to see.


Oh, Santa…. We’ve been gifted with many tales and stories and books about the legend himself over the years. Sure, it’s true- there was a real St. Nicholas. Sure, Rankin/Bass shared the story of his birth and childhood and how he evolved into the legendary Santa Claus- the one who visits millions of children across the globe each Christmas Eve.

Poor guy, he’s been doing it for so long. I’m positive there aren’t enough plates of cookies and cups of milk to keep him young forever. So what happens when Santa’s taken one too many trips across the globe and feels his joints and strength just aren’t what they used to be?

Why, it takes the magic of Christmas to whip up a miracle and set things right again.

Sound like a good story to you?

I give you….. Santa Baby:

Front Cover FINAL - Santa Baby.jpg

Coming your way this fall (9/8/2020, to be exact) from Henry Holt/Macmillan Publishing.

Thanks to Jonathan and Heather for the opportunity for the reveal, and find your way over to your favorite bookseller and pre-order now!