Country Jamboree: Can You Canoe? GIVE AWAY!

When I was teaching first grade, we opened every day with three things:

  1. The Pledge of Allegiance
  2. A Morning Message
  3. A song

It amazed me how many books were turned into songs, and each week, our class would have a new song. On Monday, first graders were just listening along, but by Friday, they almost knew the words by heart.

Then, the song book was in their hands so they could quietly sing along and follow along with the lyrics to practice their fluency.

Can You Canoe? by the Okee Dokee Brothers, is a book that is filled with not one song, but twelve! Coupled with fantastic illustrations by Brandon Reese, these boot stomping’ tunes are sure to please a crowd of children.

They’re the “country jamboree” music you might expect from the Okee Dokee brothers, with simple lyrics that engage and excite young children about adventure.

With songs like, Mr. and Mrs. Sippy, Campin’ Tent, and The Bullfrog Opera, you can’t go wrong. I’m ready to plug the soundtrack into my headphones and head out on a  camping adventure.

Did I mention the book comes with a 12 song CD?

Children, adults, and all alike will not be able to resist belting their voices and tappin’ their toes to these jams and tunes.


This great new book, from Sterling, is available May 17, 2016!

GIVEAWAY- Visit my twitter site at @dylanteut, or comment on this post, to be entered into a drawing to win a copy of CAN YOU CANOE, compliments of Sterling! Giveaway ends midnight on Thursday, May 5.

Happy Singing! Happy Adventuring!

4 thoughts on “Country Jamboree: Can You Canoe? GIVE AWAY!

  1. As a music and theater major first, followed by elementary education, and library science, I love having music as a part of my lessons! Even my “big kids” will sing along! I especially love songs that go with books. Couldn’t ask for anything better! Thanks for the chance to win some new music!

  2. My Students love to sing and it has brought them such joy in learning new vocabulary and different contexts.

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