2021 Picture Book Previews Part Seven

WordPress has gone and changed the process for making a post like I usually know how to do, so this might come out with some odd alignments or spacing. If that happens, forgive me. I hope you’ll look past those errors and savor the covers lined up here…. 91URGE8B7KL91HB9GUMnuL9781419746437_262929781419739637_20e979781419742262_a8dc89781419744457_f81be9781419746710_913839781419748301_53b73118356471_3260816453996284_4765974401981263425_o9781419748585_b91bd9781419753695_32b269781849766876_507329781849767002_eb80a9781849767224_187329781849766920_638c99781849767279_983349781849767330_829c09781944903961_5a7da9781951836047_f02bb9781951836054_3b37e9781951836061_9a44a9781536201482_860f69781951836085_eee219781951836092_fd3a19781951836146_9646aA16uWwNXppL.jpg


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