2021 Picture Book Previews Part One

Growing up, the day after Memorial Day was usually the “first day of summer” for my sisters and me. Parents back to work, house to ourselves, pool open … The possibilities were endless. And now, an adult in a strange place this year because nothing has gone as it should, today feels like any other day. Why not make it a bit special by kicking off the 2021 Picture Book Preview posts? That’s right, back once again with a fresh new line up of what I’ve gathered so far… And this is just the start! The past two years there have been a total of 17 or 18 preview posts of the picture book covers I’ve rounded up. Take that times 50-80 titles per post and you wind up with a bounty of new titles on the horizon. Here we go! Enjoy!






1 thought on “2021 Picture Book Previews Part One

  1. my to-read list on Goodreads was already close to 700 before looking at this post. haha. (but I love it.) thank you so much for always sharing these!! it’s so exciting to see the new covers.

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