2020 Picture Book Previews Part 16

Well, friends, we’re starting to wind down… Part 17 will be the final installment of the 2020 picture book preview series, as I have already started a draft with about 25 covers from — 2021!!!— that I’ve come across in my sleuthing…. Meanwhile, enjoy all that is here for part 16 and I’ll be back soon with the final installment for 2020. It might be quite a year already with the pandemic, but it’s even more so quite a year for picture books! Enjoy!








9781534462670- Kamala Harris final cover (1).jpg





1 thought on “2020 Picture Book Previews Part 16

  1. I’m an author-illustrator and recently became the picture-book buyer for our local library. I spend lots of time reading reviews, but can I say, your lists are just the MOST helpful resource. I creating folders filled with all the books I want to look into more from your posts – books I’d never known were released otherwise. Each list is a treasure – thank you for all the legwork you do to gather these titles!!

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