Jarrett Krosoczka Drops By

Hello, Mr. Krosoczka, thanks for joining me here to talk about what’s new with you!

Thanks for having me, Dylan!

Tell us a little bit about book number four of the Platypus Police Squad book that came out earlier this spring. Is this the end of the series?

Never Say Narwhal is the final book in the Platypus Police Squad series. I always envisioned these books as having a finite end to them, with the characters growing over the course of the series in a significant way. This is the book with the highest stakes for our monotreme heroes. All of the secrets that I’ve been building up over the series get spilled—some you’ve seen coming, some will be very unexpected. I turned up the volume on the action in this one, too. Plus…there is a narwhal!


And, you just celebrated a book birthday with a new Jedi Academy book. Tell us about that.

Scholastic has signed me on the create new volumes in their Jedi Academy series. I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey Brown’s, so I’m entering into this with a reverence for what he started. There are elements from those first three books (journal and comics pages), but I also am adding my own elements. I can’t wait for you to meet my cast of Padawans. I created the final art for this book while listening to John Williams’s score of the movies.


Are you surprised with all of the different ways people are celebrating School Lunch Hero  Day?

It is incredibly gratifying to see how widely School Lunch Hero Day is celebrated. It has far exceeded my hopes and dreams for the initiative. This was only our fourth year, and I saw things that blew my mind! My favorite things to see will always be the art projects that young artists make. This day is about gratitude and literacy, but it’s also about fostering creativity. That being said, this year I saw that one school brought in masseuses for the lunch staff! Another brought in an ice-cream truck for them! They work so hard with so little recognition, they so deserve this day.

What is one thing that readers don’t know about you, that only you could tell us?

If I drink too much coffee, my hand gets shaky and it ruins my ability to draw a clean line. However, sometimes I accidentally make some beautiful, messy lines when I’m over-caffeinated.


If you weren’t writing/illustrating books, what do you think you’d be doing?

That’s an easy question. I’d be teaching. I taught at art centers and an art college for several years as I was getting my literary career going. I also worked at a camp for a decade’s worth of summers.

How did your career as an author/illustrator start?

I began submitting work to publishers in my junior year of college. I was eager. I was rejected around every corner, and that was a great education in the world of publishing. Two years later, I had my first contract for a picture book that I wrote and illustrated. That came six months after graduating Rhode Island School of Design. When the book was eventually published, I was twenty-three years old. Good Night, Monkey Boy will celebrate fifteen years in print on June 15, 2016!


What can readers expect from you in the future?

A lot of stories told in words and pictures.

Anything else you’d like to share with readers of this blog?

Dylan Teut is an outstanding person, and you are very wise to be reading his blog.

Thank you, Jarrett , for joining me here!

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