Slip, Slide, Hop, Bend… Review of A Hop is Up by Kristy Dempsey, illustrated by Lori Richmond

A hop is up,
A bend is down,
A spin is around and around and around.

So it goes in this new title from Kristy Dempsey, illustrated by debut illustrator, Lori Richmond.

As Kristy cranks out a text that plays with language, movement, direction, and prepositions, Lori Richmond adds her special touch with illustrations that tell us the story about a boy and his dog.

Lori’s illustration style is one that children and adults alike are going to fall in love with, and I understand this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Lori’s illustrations.

From an Amble-Ramble slow walk of ducks across a street, to a slip and a slide with an ice cream cone, we follow a boy through a walk in the city. We meet other animals, characters, and more, all concluding where we started- with a hop is up, as the boy and his dog hop into bed for some rest after their busy day moving around.

I envision teachers reading this aloud and having students do whole body movement do the words and language in the book. I could even envision it as a jump rope rhyme.

Regardless, it’s a book you have to place on your “Must own” list, and grab it when it comes out this fall from Bloomsbury! Lori-Richmond-a-hop-is-up-book.jpg.png


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