My First Highlights Experience

We still have tomorrow morning to go, but I just want to take a moment to say what an amazing experience I’ve had at The Highlights Foundation the past few days! The moment I was having flight delays, Jo took care of things and made sure I still had someone lined up to pick me up from the airport… then the poor driver had to wait 5 hours for me at the airport, but he was so cheerful and kind when he drove me out to camp. The atmosphere is so peaceful and relaxing. The food is delicious and gourmet. I came here seeking to learn more about process/techniques to bring back to share with my children’s lit class, and to make connections and network for Plum Creek. I have surprised myself with how much I have enjoyed making art and learning from Denise Fleming and Ashley Wolff. In fact, I intend to buy a few supplies and make some art as a hobby- It’s been so relaxing. And then Judy Schachner joined us and brought even more insight about her technique and process. A little intimidating to make art alongside Lauren Castillo, but I have learned a lot by watching her work too. And the after dinner chats have been invigorating. Thanks all for such a wonderful few days. If you ever have a chance to make it here for a workshop, I recommend it!










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