The Opposite Zoo is Open


The sky is DARK and the Opposite Zoo is CLOSED.

But the monkey’s door is OPEN!
Time to explore…

What awaits young readers at the opposite zoo?


Awake! asleep…

Hairy  Bald

Tall short

Using his signature style, Il Sung Na paints a beautiful zoo at night. Full of animal opposites. We’ve seen many zoo books before, but this one is unique. In a dark, quiet zoo at night, we see animals in the light of opposites.

They’re everywhere.

In a quiet, serious and unique way, Il Sung Na introduces young children to opposites throughout the zoo. I imagine this book will lead to conversation, not only about opposites, but about the animals.

And when night is over…
The sun is BRIGHT,
and the animals are ready!

The monkey’s door CLOSES just in time…

…for the Opposite Zoo to OPEN!

Come on in. the opposites await.

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