Seeking Slumber: A Review of Good Night Owl by Greg Pizzoli

Is there anything more annoying than not being able to sleep?

When I was in high school/college, I would lie awake at night, tossing and turning, seeing the clock change from hour to hour. There was much on my mind, I worried about the next day, imagined things, and ultimately, kept myself awake by my own fault.

In Greg Pizzoli’s Good Night Owl, it is a different story. The story begins with owl settling down into what appears to be a very cozy bed. But then owl hears a small sound… and he wraps up his robe and heads to check out what all the commotion might be.

Owl finds nothing but the wind.

The noise goes on, and time and time again, owl is clueless as to what is making the noise. In the process of searching for the culprit, he empties shelves, pulls up the floorboards, tears down his own roof, and dismantles the walls.

This book is a perfect instance where the readers know what is causing the noise, put the poor owl has not a clue. Readers will be chuckling, and sympathizing for owl as he goes to such extremes to rid his home of the SQUEEK! he continuously hears.

Greg Pizzoli’s signature screenprinting style illustrations lend themselves to much giggling and hilarity as the absurdity of the situation rises along owl’s sleepless night.

And, at the end, when Owl discovers the culprit of the noisemaker, he settles into bed. The best part is that owl is not even mad.

Children will be able to relate to Owl on many levels, as I am sure they can recall nights when they weren’t able to sleep. Their own imaginations lead them to race to bad conclusions about what may lurk about in their homes.

Pair this book with Pat Hutchins’ classic Goodnight Owl! , where all the animals squawk and screech and scream and keep Owl awake. And when it’s Owl’s turn to wake up, he lets out a big screech to wake everyone else up.

I am thankful for yet another one of Pizzoli’s tales, and lovely illustrations . SQUEEK!


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