Cover Reveal: Little Boy Soup

I went to college with two illustrators who are starting to make their way into the children’s literature world!

The first, is Kristin Easler, who has illustrated Alan Katz’s recent Mustache series from Bloomsbury.

The second, is Amalia Hillman, who has a debut picture book coming June 12, 2016. Amalia asked me to reveal the cover, and how could I say no to an old friend? 🙂

In Little Boy Soup, Joshua Russell offers a delightful recipe for that wonderful ritual that parents call bath time―one that often includes washing favorite toys along with your favorite little boy. What’s unique in this bath time book is the little boy loves the time spent with his dad, and the illustrations are uniquely contemporary, fresh and bold.

Russell and Hillmann have created a special book for the men in the family that is perfect for any time of day, but especially fitting for those sleepy moments between bath time and bed time. Illustrator Amalia Hillmann utilizes her unique process of hand-painted art on paper, mixing pen and ink, watercolor, gouache, and cut-paper illustration. Every image is hand painted and hand cut, offering a distinctive overlay effect that adds depth and a unique style all her own. As a result, Little Boy Soup is eye-catching and perfect for getting the attention of preschool and beginning readers.

Here it is…. pre-order now!


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