Dancing and Dreams: A Review of Peddles by Elizabeth Rose Stanton

“If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, you’re not dreaming big enough.”

That was advice written in a card given to me at my high school graduation. It’s stuck with me ever since, and in a way, has motivated me to keep going beyond my imagination.

Peddles is a pig. An ordinary pig who does ordinary pig things. But there’s one thing that distinguishes Peddles a step above the rest… he’s got dreams. Big ones. He has ideas that go beyond the imagination of any other pig.

Peddles is just a pig who wants to do the extraordinary. He means no harm. When his friends tell him to stop being so spacey, it only leads to bigger dreams.

So what’s a simple pig to do? When days and nights go by that seem ordinarily boring, how can Peddles go where no pig has gone before?

One night Peddles hears whooping and hollering… and sees whirling and twirling. Just what, exactly, is going on inside the nearby barn?

Dancing, of course. When Peddles finds a pair of red cowboy boots in a bag behind the barn, it can only mean one thing. It’s time to dance. It’s time to put all of those big dreams to work and do something extraordinary.

But it doesn’t go well for Peddles, who fumbles and tumbles around in boots. However, when his pig pals pitch in, a dream comes true.

Using her signature style of watercolor and pencil, the author of our beloved Henny delivers us another heartwarming tale of what it means to dare to dream beyond what you ever imagined.

Children are natural dreamers. But from my experience, there’s too much that gets in the way. Adults… media… friends… can so easily squash a dream before it really even begins.

That’s why this book is important and timely. This is a story that reminds children what is capable when they think, dream, believe, and imagine beyond what we could ever expect of them.

Great things lie ahead when you dream. Don’t let others stop you. Dance, dream, and drift away to good things.

Peddles will hit shelves in early January 2016. It’s a title you’ll want for the little dreamers in your life. Readers will feel confident to dream big after reading this book… even if, even in spite of, people’s laughter.



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