Mistaken Identity: A Review of Mother Bruce by Ryan Higgins

The Food Network makes it easy for cooks who are tired of the same-old, same-old to try new adventures and recipes. If you don’t have access to the Food Network on TV, the internet also has an abundance of recipes waiting for cooks to sample.

Bruce is a (grumpy) bear who doesn’t eat raw eggs, and instead he likes to cook them up into fancy recipes that he finds on the internet. One day, Bruce finds a recipe for hand-boiled goose eggs drizzled with honey-salmon sauce.


Bruce rolls out his shopping cart and gets to work. He visits the river for some salmon; robs a hive of its honey, and snatches some eggs from a nesting goose. He returns to his den where he begins the preparations to make this delightful recipe. He sets the eggs on the stove, returns, and much to his surprise, four goslings have popped out of the eggs.

Of course, these four little ones immediately identify Bruce as their Mama.

Being the grumpy old bear he is, Bruce dumps the little birds in his shopping cart and hustles back to Mother Goose’s nest.

Much to his surprise, Mother Goose has already headed south for the winter.

Bear tries to leave the goslings behind, but they’ve taken a liking to him and follow him everywhere.

In this laugh out loud tale by Ryan Higgins (published by Dinsney-Hyperion), young readers will roar with giggles and delight as they watch the adventure of these little ones claiming grumpy Bruce as their own Mama and his work raising them, and eventually trying to send them on their way- south.

Bruce eventually realizes the geese aren’t going anywhere. Anytime soon. So if you can’t beat ’em- join ’em!

Ryan’s illustrations, use of color, and line make this a tale that readers will enjoy for years to come. This story is pure pleasure and joy for anyone that opens the pages and reads it together.

The facial expressions Ryan is able to convey with his illustrations are just perfect- for Bruce and the geese, as they learn to live with each other and become a family.

The little surprise twist at the end (which I won’t spoil!) is the perfect ending to a delightful book, and will keep readers laughing even after they’ve turned the final page.

This tale has quickly become one of my favorite titles not only of 2015, but of the best children’s books I’ve read. I enjoyed it from cover to cover and will get it into as many children’s hands as I can.

Buy a copy and settle down with your little ones and be ready to laugh until you cry with this new title.



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