Loud and Proud: A Review of Loud Lula

I lived with Loud Lacy.

A year younger than me, my sister has always been the loud one. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a part of who she is. Very, very loud. Though many labeled me as “the quiet one,” I’m not really quiet; I just seem quiet if you compare me to my sister. My favorite moment of my sister’s loudness was at my graduation ceremony where I received my master’s degree. She was there, and when my name was called, she hollered, “GO DYLAN! WOO HOO! YEA!”

When I heard the book Loud Lula by Katy Duffield, illustrated by Mike Boldt was coming out, I wondered if Lula was anything like Lacy.

After reading it today, I concur: she is.

From the very beginning, Lula is loud. As a baby, she is compared to the sound of a storm, and “that ol’ storm sounded like nothing more than a chicken feather hitting the henhouse floor” when compared to Lula’s wails. As Lula grows up, her loud cries summons kittens from all over the area, knocks librarians off of their chairs, and rocks her schoolhouse off of its foundation when she asks where the bathroom is.

I think we all know a few “Loud Lula”s in our lives.

Lula is warned to use her “inside voice” in school, but she has trouble distinguishing the decibel level of an inside voice compared to an outside voice. So when danger poses a threat on her school, what’s Lula to do?

Use her voice to save the day, of course.

Mike Boldt’s illustrations paired with Katy Duffield’s wondrous way of words kept me roaring with laughter throughout this saga about a girl with a big voice. I’m sure the volume of my laughs could be compared with the volume of Lula’s voice. Mike uses his illustrations to make hilarious facial expressions and was the perfect illustrator choice for this text.

We are who we are. In Lula’s case, it’s OK to be loud and proud, and sometimes, loud voices come in handy. Though others might look down on us for some of our quirks, sometimes they are what prevail in the end and save the day.

On October 27, rush to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of Loud Lula. Then use your outside voice to tell the world about how great it is!



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