Don’t Be Late: A Review of Mother Goose’s Pajama Party by Danna Smith

About 7 or 8 years ago when I took Children’s Literature class in college, our professor was very clear:
Nursery rhymes are falling by the wayside. And it’s too bad, because they are so essential for beginning readers and writers.
She then made sure we were equipped with nursery rhyme knowledge by testing us regularly, seeing if we could fill in the blanks of nursery rhymes she thought were essential.

So, every time I see a new book of Mother Goose rhymes go into print, I think of my children’s literature professor, and I think, “Another one for team nursery rhyme!”

Mother Goose’s Pajama Party by Danna Smith and illustrated by Virginia Allyn is a collection of rhymes that you’ll want to leave at your child’s bedside.

We follow the characters as Mother Goose sends out the invitation:
Star light, star bright,
Come to story time tonight.
Bring your friends
and don’t be late.
Meet at my house-
Half past eight.

Who could pass up a pajama party with Mother Goose? Many nursery rhyme characters we know and love jump at the opportunity, grab their pajamas, and head down the road- from Nimble Jack, to the crooked man; from the cow to the dish and the spoon. Everyone is invited and everyone sets off on their way.

The illustrations by Virginia Allyn add a new dimension to the text. Created digitally on a Mac, they give the story the warm sense you would expect from a Mother Goose book coupled with a bedtime story.

At last, all nursery rhyme friends make it to Mother Goose’s house and settle into bed.

But the book doesn’t end here. In the back, you’ll find the nursery rhyme to accompany every character in the story. So if you are unfamiliar with a character, or a rhyme, you can read it, memorize it, and treasure it. It’s all right there.

Crawl into your pajamas with your little ones and settle into sleep with Mother Goose and her Pajama Party.


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