Doing Their Job

If you’ve stumbled across this post and don’t know me or my story, let me begin by briefly sharing. In December, my 19 year old sister died unexpectedly, suddenly, and left us with a lot of questions and heartache.

Each member of my family has found a way to begin healing and going through the grief process. I am going through grief counseling, group counseling, and my faith has helped tremendously.

But you know where I’ve found comfort as well? Books. They’re just doing their job.

Some books are there to make us laugh. Some books are there to make us think. Some books are there to help us relax.

But some books- heartfelt books- are meant to make us feel good. Maybe let a little cry out. The book I’m currently reading is 

This book is about sibling loss too. I’ve made connections with the main character and grieved with her as she lost her brother. I don’t know what Lisa’s intent was when she wrote this book, but I’d say if the job was to provide some comfort to someone with grief or questions, this book is doing its job.

Do you know any books like this? Heartfelt books that do their job?

Here are some heartfelt titles I am looking forward to in 2015. My heart is going to be hurting for a while, and I think these books will be providing some comfort and warmth where it needs to go. Feel free to share any other titles you know of. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot. (I have not read any of these books – I just know about them through the grapevine and I anxiously await their release.)

1 thought on “Doing Their Job

  1. Thanks for the titles, I put quite a few down on my list.
    I’m glad you’ve found multiple ways of healing.
    I look forward to seeing you at the end of January! We can talk books 🙂

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