I use Amazon Prime because with my subscription, it guarantees that my books will be delivered to my doorstep on their release date if I pre-order them. Amazon reassures me of this by including the GUARANTEED delivery date every time I check out. For the most part, Amazon has come through on their guarantees.

But not today. I was eagerly awaiting Bob Shea’s newest picture book, Buddy and the Bunnies: Don’t Play With Your Food! and Laurie Halse Anderson’s newest novel, The Impossible Knife of Memory. I was glad to see the UPS man pull up and drop a package at my door. Unfortunately, it did not contain the two books I was waiting for. 

I did some investigating, and I don’t really know where my books are. Shea’s book has shipped and is in transit, and Laurie Halse Anderson’s book is marked as “Shipping Soon.” I imagine the frigid temperatures and Arctic blast have something to do with the delay. And I understand. 

I imagine when the day ends, Amazon will send me an apology e-mail with a new estimated arrival date, and if I respond, they’ll make up for their shortcomings by offering me a 2 month extension on my Amazon Prime membership, though that’s not necessary. Like I said, I understand. I am not mad, just disappointed. 

But then I got to thinking- why am I disappointed? I scan the piles and stacks of books that are scattered across my apartment that are still waiting to be read. It’s not as if I had completely run out of reading materials. I have learned that I will always, always have books to read. For a book lover, I don’t think there’s ever any getting ahead. There will always be TBR piles and lists. As more and more books are released, the lists get longer. It’s so hard to get ahead when trying to balance a work schedule, maintain friendships, keep up on coursework, and all else that I (we) have to do. 

It’s nice to have the books here on the day they are released, but even if they don’t make it, I know I am guaranteed another book to read.

When we keep a healthy stash of books, we are always guaranteed that there will be something to read. And when we have a library nearby, we are also guaranteed that we will have access to something we haven’t read.

There are books at our fingertips. The books usually guarantee that they will pull us in and take us for a ride. A guarantee to a glimpse into someone else’s life. A guarantee that they will change us. No matter what book I have read, I am never the same person I was before I read the book. (even picture books). The books shake my schema up and add new understanding and ideas to what I already know. A guarantee that we will learn something new about ourselves or someone or something else. 

I don’t know when those two books will arrive, but I’m not worried. They will get here when they get here. Until then, I am guaranteed that I have plenty of books to keep my mind occupied. I am guaranteed that I have plenty of other books to share with my first grade students. I am thankful for that. 


One thought on “Guaranteed

  1. Love this post – especially since I just received my own email response from Amazon about how since I did not receive my “guaranteed” box of books today, they will extend my Prime membership by one month 🙂 Stupid polar vortex. Darn Anderson’s Bookshop for being too far away!!

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